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The AquaCache is being developed in the framework of AquaRES, a Belspo funded BRAIN project in which VLIZ, ULB and RBINS collaborate to set up the exchange between the species registers WoRMS, RAMS and FADA.

The goal of the AquaCache is to serve as an internal data management tool, helping the involved editors to search through and compare lists and identify possible overlaps and discrepancies between lists available in more than one species register, e.g. on the level of higher classification or the status of a name.

Lists can be uploaded into the AquaCache as Darwin Core Taxon files and need to include to Species Profile extension, indicating whether a taxon is marine, fresh, brackish or terrestrial.

The functionalities of the AquaCache will be broadened towards the future, depending on the needs of the involved editors.

Aquacache Schematic overview

After the AquaRES project (2013-2016), the AquaCache will continue under the LifeWatch project, where its functionalities and applications can be further developed.

Current Datasets

  • FADA-Crustacea-Cladocera (1785)
  • FADA-Crustacea-Copepoda (1186)
  • FADA-Crustacea-Mysidacea (149)
  • FADA-Crustacea-Ostracoda (2891)
  • FADA-Gastrotricha (570)
  • FADA-Insecta-Coleoptera-Psephenidae (413)
  • FADA-Platyhelminthes-Turbellaria (2487)
  • FADA-Rotifera (3205)
  • WoRMS Branchiopoda (234)
  • WoRMS Copepoda (27785)
  • WoRMS Hirudinea (381)
  • WoRMS Isopoda (15884)
  • WoRMS Mysidacea (2322)
  • WoRMS NeMys (11207)
  • WoRMS Oligochaeta (1495)
  • WoRMS Ostracoda (11647)
  • WoRMS Polychaeta (24177)
  • WoRMS Porifera (21988)
  • WoRMS Proseriata-Kalyptorhynchia (1879)
  • WoRMS Rotifera (376)